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NaMoPaiMo Painting Party – February 1

I had a NaMoPaiMo painting party at my house today.  Unfortunately, only one friend showed up.  We had a good time, anyway, and progress was made on everyone’s horses.

First, we had to have a quick game of “find the model”. 

Then, once Susan’s model was found, we got to work.  I made some repairs and put the first layer of pigment on my pegasus:

While he was drying, the D&D mini army got a start on their coats of paint.

Then we all decided to go eat brunch.  Yoda included.

Yoda got rather frustrated before brunch.  You see, we originally primered everyone in Army Painter’s Skeleton Bone Primer.  But, when Yoda went to put the first layer of pigment on his model, he realized it wasn’t going to work primered that color.  So, he primered it with Rustoleum Painter’s Touch 2x Primer and Paint in White.  And the result was a mess.  After the first layer of pigments it was obvious that it was not going to work and he needed a whole new model and better primer.

So, he primered the new model with Army Painter’s Matte White.

And, here is a comparison of the two:

The Rustoleum model is all blotchy and just, icky in general.  The color did go on darker, though.

The Army Painter model is much smoother and not blotchy.  Though, it is a bit lighter.

And…by the end, Susan made considerable progress on her model.

All in all, a productive day.

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