Not My Pony Project

In today’s adventures of “NotMyNaMoPony”, I was cleaning and organizing things and decided to hang a cat.  We have this life-sized, heavy cat sculpture that is supposed to sit above a door-sill. 

We’ve had this thing for about 20 years, give or take.  We had it up at our old house…and had to glue it in place because it wouldn’t stay up otherwise.  So, it had layers of dry wood-glue on the back.

I spent the next hour or so chipping and sanding the old wood glue off. Then I was very generous with the Workshop Velcro on the back and bottom edge of him.

Then, I put him in place.

After I put him in place, I realized he should probably have something under his tail and the dangling front paw to help brace him. I fashioned a couple of pegs with epoxy and stuck them in place. Hopefully, the added support will stay in place and he won’t fall over.

I think he looks rather nice in his new home.

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