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A Day of Experiments

Today was a day of experiments…and frustration.

I felt like I had the Sontarans close enough to finished that I could finish them today.  Yoda felt he had his “I did this, too” model close enough to done to finish today, too. So that was the plan for the day.

I looked up Sontarans to see what kind of base to give them and a lot of them had purple backgrounds, so I was going to paint the bases purple.  Then, my younger son (who will be using one of the Sontarans as a D&D character) said “why not do them silver”…so I had the brilliant idea of doing a silver base with a purple crackle overcoat.  

Unfortunately, the crackle coat did not work well.  I tried several different options.  The crackle nail polish I have was not the color I wanted. 

So, I read the ingredients on the crackle nail polish (isopropyl alcohol and acetone) and tried to make my own.  All THAT did was get runny.  So, I tried ethyl alcohol, instead, and…nope, no go there, either.  Also runny.

When that didn’t work, I looked online and found that people put a layer of glue down, let that mostly dry, and then paint over that and get a crackle effect.  So, I tried that and, while it worked, I didn’t like the effect, the crackle wasn’t as consistent as I wanted.

Giving up on that, I wanted to make the base glittery purple. I thought I could do that by mixing purple paint with the silvery nail polish I had on the base.  That turned into gunky goo that immediately dried out.

Finally, I looked in my nail polish collection and…lo, and behold, I actually had a nice, shimmery, dark purple nail polish.  Just what the Doctor ordered.  So, the Sontarans got their bases (and everything else) painted and sealed.

Yoda also finished his “I did this, too” mini.  THIS is what the crackle paint is supposed to look like.

Hopefully, tomorrow we can get back to our “real” projects.

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