Horse Jewelry



These are some of my pieces of jewelry. None of them are really valuable, monetarily, but they are fun. Nothing is for sale, either.

Grey Arabian With Roses
painted by Cynthia Wyatt
Sitting Norwegian Fjord
brown dun Norwegian Fjord by Kristina Lucas Francis
Red White Blue Horse Pin
Unknown Artist
Lipizzan Stallion
Pewter Lipizzan pin by Donna Chaney/Animal Artistry UK
Takeshi Pin
Takeshi Pin in a Koi pattern. By Kylee Parks of Studio Thornrose
Horse Head Pin
horse head pin by Morgen Kilbourn
Pegasus Pin
Pewter Pegasus Pin with Blue Wings
Rearing Pegasus Pin
Pewter rearing pegasus pin
Huckleberry Bey Charm
Huckleberry Bey charm by Breyer Model Horses